Commitment to Adoro's jewelry
Craftsman Quality
TThe jewelry is made inValenza , Italy, which is said to have the highest level of experience and technology in the world.
In Valenza , jewelry is made at a most trusted workshop where many jewelry making patents are held and are in use. We create and deliver high quality jewelry to our customers so that they can be highly satisfied with our uncompromising jewelry making.
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Various patented technologies are used to wear Adoro jewelry comfortably.
For example, in Linea Bracciale, a patent subject that makes a narrow core to make the entire bracelet with the fastener part so that it is completely flat is realized by a patented technology that puts thin core material to make it difficult to break.
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Diamond Quality
ADORO only selects high quality diamonds with a clarity of SI1 or higher and color of F, G, or higher which are nearly colorless.